Frequently asked questions

    When should I arrive?

    We encourage clients to arrive 30mins prior to their booking time due to the necessary paperwork and payment required. Following this, there is a small self drive journey out to the Quad Bike Staging site, where the real adventure begins. BE SURE TO GET THERE EARLY! You don't want to cut into valuable riding time.

    Does the tour go for the full 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hours? All Quad to

    All Quad tours commence with a 5-10min bike familiarisation and safety briefing. This is compulsory and very important when considering the many levels of experience that we get on our tours. Our Aboriginal guides are experienced and cater to all riding levels which also means being committed to giving everyone REAL VALUE for their money. So if there isn't a tour following 'OR' you have slow coaches on your tour, don't be surprised if the tour goes that little bit longer than expected and you get a LOT MORE than you bargained for?

    What type and how big are the quad bikes

    SDA test rode a number of popular brands before deciding on which bike suited our needs. This included Honda's, Polaris and Suzuki's. We settled with the (automatic) Kymco MXU 400cc (air and oil cooled) which is extremely User-Friendly and well balanced for use on the Sand Dunes. The MXU provides plenty of power without the threat of throwing clients. With the Kymco, we have conquered peoples fears of Quad Bikes.


    Can I bring my own quad bike?

    Sorry, no can do! Our tours are conducted on our private lands and we are not insured for people seeking to ride thier own bikes. You can however; conditionally register your bike with the RTA and purchase a Beach Permit to ride your own ATV in the Recreational Vehicle Area. Saying that, they don't have Dunes like we do, down the Southern End! You've gotta try us to believe us.

    What is the youngest age to ride the quad bikes?

    Its no secret that our Bikes are BIG!... and at 400cc, we're confident that there the biggest around as far as controlled tours are concerned. Saying that, manufacturer's warranty states no younger than 16 years, but were insured for riders that we determine are capable of handling our tours and these great bikes. We've had children as young as 9yrs old but, they were reasonably strapping kids who had plenty of Quad experience on their farms. Ages 12 years old and up are a general rule of thumb we go by. If your child is considered too small, we guarantee they'll have just as much fun being doubled by one of our experienced guides, while riding alongside and around you! We'll also give them a test ride if they're keen, to prove to us they can do it? SMALL BIKES WILL BE HERE SOON!
    • Our extremely powerful Adventure Buggy:- Polaris RZR4 800 CC

    • SUZUKI KING QUAD 750AXI 4X4- 750 CC (Quad bike for adults)

    • Suzuki-Quad-Sport-Z-400 CC (Quad bike for adults)

    • SUZUKI-OZARK QUAD RUNNER 250 CC (Quad bike for adults)

    • E-Ton CXL Challenger 150 CC (Quad bike for adults)

    • Cobra 100 CC (Quad bike for kids)

    • SUZUKI- QUAD SPORT Z90/Z 90 CC (Quad bike for kids)

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