About Qatar
  • Qatar is a sovereign Arab State in the Arabian Peninsula. It is surrounded by Persian Gulf and shares border with only Saudia Arabia.Qatar is amoung the founding member of GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council). Qatar is also a member of OPEC.

    The Maximum part of the country is of low barren plain covered with sand. Rolling sand dunes lies towards the southeast coast with highest point as Qurayn Abu.

    Qatar is ruled by Al Thani family.
    The country is divided into seven municipalities.

    Qatar is ruled by Al Thani family. The country is divided into seven municipalities. Earlier Qatar was noted for its pearl hunting and sea trade . After the discovery of huge oil and gas reserves both on shore and off shore, it has been listed in world's most richest counties.Qatar has the biggest human development in all Arab World.

    Native Qatari population numbers to just 250,000 people, with foreign expatriates from other asian and African counties outnumber the natives.

    History of Qatar dates back to 7500 years, few recent discovies shows human presence here.Eventhough it has arid climate with no surface wated, Qatar had sustained life for humans for thousands of years.The earlier inhabitants were nomadic tribes who lived short for short term in this climate.

    The climate is arid with very hot and humid summer with mild winters. The long summer is from May to September , with intense heat, humidity and temperatures reaching upto 50 Degrees. Sometimes dustor sand storms are present during the summer months.Rainfall is very rare and usually during winter months. This scarcity of rainfall leads to low undergroung water level.The waterin the country is provided maily from desalination of the sea water. October to April is a pleasent time in the peninsula with very mild winter with occassional downfall of temperature below 5 degrees. Petroleum, Natural gas and Fish is the natural resouce of the country. Before the discovery of oil and gas reserves in the country fishing and pearl hunting was the source for the dwellers here.

    Football is the most popular sports in the country. Qatar is the first country in the middle east to host FIFA. Qatar will host FIFA in 2022.Qatar also have car racing facility in Doha.It has a racing club.

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